Why Is THE BEST Part Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Still Gaston?

I think Gaston is the best part of the Beauty and the Beast remake. And it galls me. On paper, I loathe the type of Gaston. He’s boorish, pugnacious, each day that it kind of scares me and he canonically eats so many fresh eggs. SO MUCH UNCOOKED YOLK. In the original cartoon version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is defined by his patent misogyny. His interest in Belle is physical exclusively. He demeans her dreams and shrugs off her intellect. Defined by his avarice He’s, his predatory streak.

He is a hunter and Belle (and later, the Beast) are marks for him. It’s clear beyond everything else that a relationship to Gaston wouldn’t just be the end of Belle’s dreams, but it would rob her of her self-possession. The live action version of Beauty and the Beast softens Gaston.

It’s a hokey metaphor, however the film really does humanize an animated character so that he results in on display screen in three measurements. A huge part of this transformation is within because of actor Luke Evans – whom I’ll get to later – but another key part to it’s the script.

Gaston has, well, a backstory in Beauty and the Beast. He’s still a narcissistic hunter with a view to woo Belle into an old-fashioned relationship, but he’s a war veteran also. He’s also much more charming. Part of that is the wealth of comic occasions Gaston gets in this film, but another part is that he actually tries to make an impression on Belle.

He brings her bouquets, he compliments her, he guarantees to look after her dad, and in a deleted picture, he intercedes on her behalf. He even attempts to clarify that what he’s offering her is a pretty good deal for a French country young lady still living under the thumb of the First Estate. Sure, he’s still rather sexist and he doesn’t care about literacy and there’s that whole thing where he ties up Belle’s father in the woods to expire, but this Gaston is…uh…likable?

Of course, the true reason this Gaston is so perniciously charismatic is that Luke Evans plays him as such. Luke Evans is having more pleasurable than any other performer in this entire film – including Josh Gad. Evans throws himself in to the right spend the happy abandonment. It can help that Evans has musical chops.

His velvet baritone (baritenor?) slides through every single he gets with a mix of confidence and comfort (as opposed to his co-star’s frail alto that’s frequently buttressed by the crackle of autotune). Luke Evans just makes Gaston fun, which is just what a live action story book film filled up with performing candelabras and rose-based curses is supposed to be.

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Yes, this is also my way of saying we didn’t need a morose plague subplot. We needed more Gaston! I’m struggling with my emotions about this still. When I watch any version of Beauty and the Beast, the type who excite me the most should be the “beauty” and the “beast.” Instead, I’m charmed by Gaston.

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