Garmin Vivosport Review

There’s nothing strange about having an activity monitor nowadays. They have grown to be insanely popular among people who want to monitor their physical data. There’s no exact type of individuals who utilize them. These are worn by everyone, from college students to older people. Because of their popularity, companies have also released an extraordinary amount of trackers over the past couple of years. Which made me think, aren’t there way too many activity screens in the world already?

Garmin alone has more than a lot. Which got me inquisitive, just what makes the Vivosport better than the rest of the a huge selection of wearable fitness trackers. The design is certainly not the strongest point of the Vivosport. There are better looking activity monitors on the marketplace. The Vivosport is pretty much just a screen wrapped in a black silicone case.

Plus you can’t take away the screen from the situation. Which means that you can’t change the strap for a different one. Luckily the Vivosport tracker doesn’t stick out, so it stays unnoticed most of the time actually. However, despite getting a boring design, the experience monitor will come in a nice package really.

That’s why I like to call Garmin the Apple of fitness trackers. That’s great if you’ve planned to get it as a present for someone. GPS is an attribute that Garmin always likes to bring out when they advertise their products. And undoubtedly it is experienced by the Vivosport as well. Making this activity tracker suitable for people who enjoy working out outdoors.

I can see why Garmin is taking satisfaction in their GPS as well. It’s extremely accurate, even when compared to other companies.There is a downside as well. The GPS doesn’t switch on immediately after you select it. A bit is taken by it of time, sometimes even 2-3 3 minutes. The touchscreen is multi-colored and sharpened. In conditions of size, it’s just about exactly like almost every other activity monitors.

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They likely have reached the most optimal size. It fits all the required data plus much more. During the day as well The display is also easy to read. And never have to use a back light Even. The colors are shiny and nice. The touch aspects work perfect as well just. It’s really comfortable to use and reacts to touches like it’s supposed to.

Garmin has found the perfect balance. So it’s not too sensitive but it still works when you want it to. In my opinion, the user user interface is this activity screens strongest aspects. You can use, full of information and most importantly, logical. You can see that Garmin has a complete great deal of experience with activity trackers.

Moving between different menu’s and settings is so liquid that it’s addictive. You can even change the user interface from the Garmin application as well. For that, you’ll need to connect the tracker to your iOS or Android smartphone. The Garmin application is available on both Android and iOS smartphones. Just like the user interface, it’s easy to use and there’s really nothing to criticize about it. Garmin’s years of experience has paid and given us a high quality App.

There’s plenty of information shown. What I love is that it is so well balanced. You do not get wall space of text, just the necessary and a bit of extra that you might want. The main and necessary data has been highlighted even. You can immediately notice and process. Every high quality activity monitor includes a heart rate sensor. The Vivisport has a 24/7 setting which measures your heartrate throughout the day.