Mommyhood And Elegance

Today’s Guest is Megan from “Megan Mae Daily”. She actually is one very Talented DUDE who besides having a very unique style with a variety of Classic Pieces, Vintage, Rock n’ Roll, Fun Hair & Amazing Boot Collection she definitely makes Every Piece she wears Her Own. I could not pull off the outfits she does but on her they look fantastic.

I have even presented her outfits a few times on my “Week’s Best Looks”. Megan is somebody who can art also, sew and pull like nobody’s business. She makes some cool, fun & unique Button Flower Pins as well as Fashionable OBI Belts (just like a sash). Today, she acquired no words to share, but a Little Art Piece rather.

In this case this pulling is worth a 1000 words. Just see for yourself. I used to be so surprised and super pleased to receive this pleasantly. It is by far the sweetest, most unique, most well-thought Guest Post yet. The Most Unique Gift for Little Baby Vivian too, so MANY THANKS on her behalf behalf, as well. I also love how she so drew both my husband and I perfectly, we do look a lot like we are the truth is. And crazy enough your day I visited give birth I used to be wearing a two-piece nightgown (romper and cardigan) in a Teal the same as Megan drew. And MY HUBBY was wearing a Taupe/Brown V-Neck Sweater. It is like she understood. Thank You Megan for sharing Your Beautiful Art Piece in my Blog, Today. Many thanks for such a Sweet, Kind Gift. It was definitely a large, Sweet Surprise. And everyone HAVE A LOOK AT Megan’s Blog!

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But I had taken it and in a short time moved into a job that was much better on me bodily. So we made it through without much difficulty too. Why were we in a position to do that? Were we lucky just? Do we live in an area that is more vigorous that other places economically? Or is some top secret component there?

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