Athlete & General Skin Care

In case you want to try a new “natural” product on the skin care and attention market read this first. Misleading labeling by manufacturers of pure, organic personal maintenance systems is leading to consumer confusion. One of the biggest points of confusion in your skin care industry occurs when the term “natural” can be used on the label to spell it out the type of the merchandise.

More companies are targeting athletic or exercise inclined persons for their healthy lifestyles. Natural products mean a lack, or processed substances (synthetic/chemical), or a non-chemical “process” can be used in extracting the botanicals. Unfortunately, when these products are tested they may be organic or natural hardly ever. An increasing number of skin care companies have been making natural or organic claims. Organic is when no pesticides are used in any way and the herbs and botanicals are grown inside greenhouses. A more expensive growing process as smaller amounts can only be grown instead of vast outdoor fields.

According to Policy Director, Tom Hutchinson from the Organic Trade Association (OTC). Most culprits of this misleading marketing are the inexpensive string store brands and perhaps, the expensive brands found in department stores. The average ratio is only 10%-20% natural ingredients and the rest of the synthetic ingredients or water.

Also, to be able to make a mass amount, the natural approach to frosty pressing the botanicals aren’t used, but chemicals to remove the botanicals are. In the event that you believe that it seems too good to be true, don’t buy it and if a well known and even popular superstar is endorsing it, they might not know the true value of the product. Stay fabulous and a savvy consumer. By Sandy Alcide founder of Motion Medica skin care.

  • Chafing from the thighs massaging together while walking or working out
  • Require companies enroll their facilities, products, and elements with the FDA
  • Thalomid (thalidomide) for a type of skin disease
  • Exfoliate with my facial scrub at least once a week
  • Redness becomes brighter or spreads
  • Both held my oily at bay for few hours but did nothing at all for my sweat

Draper James is one of my favorite brands (I’m also an enormous Reese fan!!) and the brand truly aligns properly with my style and taste. So why were we all in Jamaica? We were there to capture the May/June series on the two 2,200 acres from the Tryall Club. The pieces from this collection are easy-breezy summer season pieces that you can wear for a multitude of occasions.

I love the Americana-vibes and lots of blue hues are right up my alley! Actually, you’ll see that everything I wore from May’s collection has a color of blue in it. I loved it all! As I’m sharing these looks, I needed to highlight that Draper James also collaborated with M.Gemi (which is a brand with gorgeous, high-quality shoes). Most of the shoes I am seen by you wearing are part of this collection. These heeled sandals are a summer shoe staple and I possibly could not get over how comfortable they may be (such high quality, too)!