Gender Roles PRESENTED By Disney

I want you to consider your preliminary thoughts such as what do they look like, body gestures, clothing, and figures. Possible answers could be very thin, little waists, exposing clothing, seductive looks, and beautiful faces. Now having analyzed this photo, You are desired by me to consider how this may affect young girls. They might not understand these persuasive tactics, however they are seeing and consuming the importance of physical appearance.

I feel it’s important to focus on Disney Princesses immediate effect on young girls because in today’s culture girls are pressured to be “perfect” all day and every day. Various studies have been done to be able to better determine the common gender tasks and stereotypes children are commonly exposed to.

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In “Things Walt Disney never informed us” compiled by Kay Stone, similar findings on stereotypes and gender jobs were found, but Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella were the only princesses analyzed. Rocks results figured all three princesses were and passive and everything three had feminine villains quite. This enforces a popular stereotype of innocent beauty victimized by villains highly. Furthermore, Stone found all were patient, obedient, industrious, quiet, and all necessary to be saved by men. Finally, Stone uncovered that their independence was restricted. Every one of the results listed above have a crucial and immediate influence on young women.

It is important to be aware and consider the stereotypes and gender functions that are embedded in children’s lives through television, school supplies, periodicals, clothing, and more. This awareness has the ability to better the lives of children in avoiding self-esteem issues and conquering child years as impartial/original individuals and not as what society pressures them to be.

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