Way To Hackintosh

The answer is yes, if you work with unpatched(vulnerable) OS. Unless you believe me, then read the full article. Microsoft Windows Server service provides support for sharing resources such as files and print services within the network. The Server service is susceptible to a remote code-execution vulnerability. The vulnerability is triggered due to one in netapi32.dll when digesting directory traversal personality sequences in path names. This is exploited to corrupt stack storage by e.g.

sending RPC demands containing crafted path titles to the Server Service component specially. The ‘NetprPathCanonicalize()’ function in the ‘netapi32.dll’ file is affected. A harmful request to susceptible system leads to complete bargain of vulnerable computer systems. This vulnerability impacts Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. But Attackers require authenticated gain access to on Windows Vista and Server 2008 systems to exploit this matter.

Create Two Virtual Machine(VM) namely “Target” and “BT5”. Install the XP inside Target VM and Backtrack inside BT5. Start the Two VMs. Unless you know how to create virtual machines , then please read this VirtualBox Manual. Open The command prompt in the prospective machine(XP). Type “ipconfig” to get the IP address of the prospective system. Hackers use different way for finding the ip of sufferer.

For Eg., By sending hyperlink that will get the ip details or use Angry IP Scanner. Let us collect some information about the Target machine Now. For this purpose , we are going to use the nmap tool. If you go through the result, you can find the list of open OS and slots version.

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Now open the Terminal in the BT5 machine(Backtrack) and Type “msfconsole”.

The msfconsole is the most popular interface to the Metasploit Framework. It provides an “all-in-one” centralized system and allows you efficient usage of virtually all of the options available in the Metasploit Framework. Why don’t we use the Search order to find the exploit modules with the keyword netapi. Type “search netapi”. Now the list is seen by you of modules match with the netapi. As usual, let use the Reverse Tcp Payload because of this exploit also.

You can find the ip address by typing ‘ifconfig’ order in the Terminal. Ok, it’s time to exploit the vulnerability, type “exploit” in the console. If the exploit is prosperous, you can see the next result. Now we can control the remote computer using the meterpreter. For example, typing “screenshot” will grab the screenshot of the victim system.